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Hetkitallin Helmi

American Curly

Bea is an American Curly mare born in 2017. We brought Bea from Sweden in 2019. Bea was bought as a working and breeding horse. There are few Curlys in Finland and breeding is a way to bring more Curlys to Finland.

Bea's family is a good addition to the Finnish Curly population. By nature, Bea is curious, sensitive, brave and lively. Bea is under saddle, but green and need more education at the moment. Bea is not yet in customer use. Bea's foals Helmi and Lotta also live in our stable. ​ Bea is also quite brave, she doesn't get nervous about little knocks. Bea is usually interested if something happens in the yard and she comes to watch rather than run away and also comes over when invited in a very dog-like manner. Curlys require a sense of humor from their caretakers, just as the caretakers hang nice signs, water bowls and systems in the shelter, these wonderfully sweet creatures take them down and roll them around the shelter. ​

Lotta was born in May 2023, everything during the pregnancy went well, as did the birth, and the perfect little foal got off to a great start in life. Lotta is curious, kind and a bit shy. ​ Lotta and Bea are both looking for their own person and a new home, contact Miia if there could be a horse or two for you! tel. 0504908537 ​

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